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Specialized Dyslexia Tutoring

If your child is moderate to severely dyslexic, twice a week tutoring in addition to school based intervention is essential. OceanSide offers an individualized intensive Research Based Reading, Writing, and Spelling instruction tutoring service.


Frequency of instruction, and repetition of instruction is key to helping the severely dyslexic student.  And when dyslexia is severe it can impact a child's learning of all subjects.  


We begin with either 1) a review of your child’s current private neuropsychological report, or school based special educational assessments; or 2) we will conduct our own targeted set of assessments designed to discover your child’s specific dyslexic profile.


Once we have successfully established your child’s dyslexia profile, we will design a targeted curriculum using research based programs such as The Wilson Reading System, and Lindamood-Bell Programing.  This curriculum will give your child an aggressive targeted approach to remediating their reading and spelling abilities.

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