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ABOUT The OceanSide Learning Center

Head of School's Welcome,

While teaching Science and Math at the high school level, I was forced to helplessly watch children fall through the cracks, as a teacher there was very little I could do beyond my classroom.  Driven by the need to do more, I was accepted into law school and, graduated with honors and finally  in the fall of 2015 I opened the Massachusetts Advocacy Group with the aim of providing support for parents of children with special needs. 

Over the years it became apparent that just because a child was not diagnosed with a disability that would allow them to have an IEP, did not mean that they did not need an individualized education approach.  Some children and teens just need a different approach to fully understand what was going on in class, an approach that the public schools just could not afford to provide. To this end we expanded the Massachusetts Advocacy Group to include an all inclusive tutoring center in 2018; what began as a center for reading for children with dyslexia soon expanded to high school level math, science and MCAS classes.  

During the spring of 2019 I  teamed up with his best friend, and mother Mary M. Peever, a veteran teacher of over thirty years and certified dyslexia practitioner.  Together we continued the expansion of our practice with a simple mission, to create a learning center focused on the individual needs of the child.  Now, as part of every tutoring package that is offered, Mary and William conduct a comprehensive review of each child’s educational profile, previous testing and IEP if available.  If at this time we feel that we do not have enough information, we will conduct further educational testing. Parents are then invited to a consultation meeting with William, where he takes the time to answer all of their questions, and gives them an honest and frank analysis and to create Individual Education Plan for their child.  

Dr. William C. Peever, J.D.
​Head of School

Our Philosophy
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Adhd, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia...these are all useless labels UNESS you understand the actual strengths and weaknesses of the child. All to often schools just give a child a program such as Wilson that WILL NOT work for that child's unique profile.  We believe that prior to starting a tutoring program, we MUST understand your child's profile so that we can give them that moment of success that they so often never see in school.

Our History

While a relatively new institution we have already improved the educational outlook of many students.  Our MCAS and Biology MCAS program can be the difference between your child receiving a diploma or walking with an empty envelope.

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